Wildlife is wholeheartedly encouraged at our luxury holiday cottage Cornwall

Wild birds at our North Cornwall Holiday Cottage

Wildlife is wholeheartedly encouraged at our luxury holiday cottage Cornwall
Wildlife is wholeheartedly encouraged at our luxury holiday cottage Cornwall

Bird watching Area.

For many years now my husband and I have been feeding many varieties of birds that frequent our amazing bird station. Each day we fill up 6 bird feeders with Peanuts, Wild bird seed, Sun flower hearts and occasionally Niger seed. We decided to add up how many kilos of bird seed we actually buy a year to keep the wide variety of birds coming back to our North Cornwall holiday Cottage. Amazingly they have eaten 335 Kilo!! It’s no wonder they keep coming back! The variety of birds we have enjoyed watching are Woodpeckers, Blue Tits, Green Tits, Wagtails, Jenny Wren, Doves, Green finches, Gold finches, Nut hatch, Starlings, Robin, Blackbirds, Sparrow Hawk and a Pheasant that I named Strutter! (He likes to show off when walking pass our chickens). Birds are a brilliant weather gauge and over the years we have got used to knowing when bad weather is due by the incredible array of birds feeding at the bird feeding station.When it’s hot and sunny you see them feeding early morning or late afternoon. Guests that have stayed at our North Cornwall Holiday Cottage have enjoyed watching the birds from the comfort of the cottage. So why not book a stay and you could too!!

We even have a bespoke bird feeding station at our luxury holiday cottage Cornwall
Bespoke bird feeding station at our luxury holiday cottage Cornwall

Early Spring Meadowview Cottage Luxury Cottage Cornwall

Early Spring Meadowview cottage! have we had a winter yet because here in North Cornwall we have had no signs of it. Very mild weather is great when you are a landowner and can make a start to prepare for the winter months and that’s where my Early Spring Meadowview Cottage starts. It all began at the end of November when working in our fields preparing for the winter, checking fencing, hedges and making sure the waterways where clean of debris, that’s when we saw it and this is no word of a lie Frogspawn!. Their little tails wiggling around oblivious to know they were actually a little early.Most tadpoles hatch from eggs in May/ June develop over the summer, and metamorphose into subadults and emerge from the streams in September. So I have come to the conclusion they are Cornish tadpoles as they are coming out Dreckly!!.

December came and went and it was the warmest one we have had in North Cornwall, think Tadpoles warm Tiz !!!.  now only two weeks in January we could not believe it, get ready! Cherry Blossom and Snowdrops out the same time it does look ansome! but “taint right and taint proper”!

Early Spring Meadowview Cottage Luxury Cottage Cornwall

We have noticed its a Early Spring Meadowview Cottage not just with the Frogspawn, Cherry Blossom and Snowdrops but also with the plants in our two Private gardens.

We have an amazing bird feeding station here at Meadowview Cottage and many variety of birds frequent the seven bird feeders we have filled up for them daily. Peanuts, Wild bird seed, Niger seed, Sunflower hearts are enjoyed by so many birds. Some of our previous guests staying at Meadowview have been avid bird watchers and have enjoyed watching the Woodpeckers, Blue Tit, Green Tit, Wagtails, Jenny Wren, Jay, Doves, Green finches, Starlings and my favourite the Robin.Who doesn’t love Robins? Thank you for taking the time to read my Blog . Debbie.

We even have a bespoke bird feeding station at our luxury holiday cottage Cornwall

Bespoke bird feeding station at our luxury holiday cottage Cornwall


I told you it was a Proper Job !!!

I am pleased to announce that after an inspection by Quality in Tourism Meadowview Cottage has once again achieved its high standard 5 star Gold award with a score of  95 % overall and 100 % for cleanliness 8 years in a row. Oh Yes !
Exterior Appearance of buildings , Grounds, gardens and parking 100%. Additional Facilities : Recreation 100%.
Cleanliness: Living and dining area , Bedrooms , Bathroom ,Kitchen , 100% Environment and setting 100%
Management Efficiency : Pre arrival info including brochure , Welcome and arrival procedure, In unit guest info and personal touches 100%

Specialities: Cyclists Welcome, Walkers Welcome, Families Welcome


Luxury Cottage Cornwall. Visit St Juliot parish church near Boscastle when staying at Meadowview Cottage. Where Thomas Hardy author of Far from the Madding Crowd met his wife. Just 15 mins from our family friendly and romantic luxury self catering cottage in Cornwall

Meadowview Cottage Far From the Madding Crowd

For many years we have featured a strapline on our website that suitably sums up how it feels when guests stay in our luxury 5-star-gold Meadowview Cottage “Far From the Madding Crowd”. For those of you not familiar with this, it is the title of Thomas Hardy’s fourth novel, first scribed in 1874.

An English novelist and poet Thomas Hardy was no stranger to North Cornwall having lived in a neighbouring parish in 1870 on a mission to restore the St Juliot parish church, Boscastle, just a few miles from Meadowview Cottage. In fact, he met and fell in love with a lady, Emma Gifford, here whom he married in 1874. Following her death in 1912, Hardy revisited many of the places linked to his courtship of Emma in North Cornwall.

With such passion in his soul, it is no surprise that he wrote Far from the Madding Crowd. A tale that starts with a triangular love story between characters with such wonderful names as Bathsheba Everdene, (an independent and headstrong farm owner) Gabriel Oak (shepherd) and William Boldwood (a wealthy bachelor) and then for good measure add Sergeant Francis “Frank” Troy (a sheep farmer) whom Bathsheba eventually marries but later finds that he is a gambler, not fit to farm and doesn’t love her. Instead he only has eyes for former servant Fanny Robin, who sadly suffers an untimely demise. To Bathsheba’s rescue (or so he thinks) comes Boldwood, shooting Troy in front of her…. Without giving too much of the plot away, Gabriel is still very much in love with Bathsheba and unusually for Thomas Hardy, there is a rare happy ending to his tale, one you can either read about in a copy of his novel or watch on the big screen when the latest adaptation of this wonderful story is released on Friday 1st May.

There have been three previous films released based on Hardy’s novel (1915, 1998 and 2013) and now on Friday 1st May we wait with anticipation to view the newest film release of this romantic drama, “Far from the Madding Crowd” starring Carey Mulligan, Matthias Schoenaerts, Michael Sheen, Tom Sturridge, and Juno Temple.   With this line up it promises to be the best yet!

When staying at Meadowview Cottage, a trip to the parish church of St Juliot is recommended; it stands in an isolated location above the valley of the River Valency (Boscastle) at grid reference SX 129 912

Boscastle Walking Week 18-25 April 2015

Boscastle Harbour 15 mins from our luxury holiday cottages Cornwall a luxury cottage Cornwall

Boscastle Harbour 15 mins from our luxury holiday cottages Cornwall

Boscastle, with its scenic valley landscapes leading down to a rugged cliff lined harbour entrance, is the ideal setting for an annual Walking Week event.

Taking centre stage from Saturday 18 April – Saturday 25 April is the 9th Boscastle Walking Week, which has become a firm fixture in the Cornish holiday season.

Ramblers will embrace this picturesque coastal village and delight in taking on the dramatic North Cornwall coast. But this week long event is also perfect for dog-walkers and families.

Following on from the terrible 2004 floods, Boscastle regenerated interest and enthusiasm for this beautiful coastal village by introducing the Boscastle Festival Calendar, of which the Boscastle Walking Week has grown in popularity with an estimated 120 walkers taking part in 2014.

The Walking Week gives people the opportunity to explore the stunning coast line and countryside; parts of North Cornwall they might otherwise not see. The true benefit of the Walking Week is that people will be able to do all this under the guidance of local walkers, historians and experts.

Walks include:

+ The Pentargon Circular walk along the spectacular Coast path to Beeny

+ The discovery of geological secrets of Crackington Haven with geology expert Jane Anderson as your guide

+ The exploration of the Cornish language during a walk through place names and signposts along the route between Bossiney and Boscastle.

For those not so active, why not join a more moderate pace for an hour or so around the Padstow Estuary where you can view the Victorian and Gothic delights of Prideaux Place along the way.

Alternatively, if literature is more to your liking, join the ‘Pasties, Puddings and Poetry Evening’ at The Rectory, St Juliot. Bring a book of Cornish-themed poetry and join enjoy the evening in the house where Thomas Hardy met his first wife, Emma Gifford.

Guided walks start at £5 and range from around one hour to all day affairs in length. Local businesses will be offering all kinds of special offers and Walking Week packages.

Boscastle is a lovely all year round holiday destination. Meadowview Cottage is only 6 miles (15mins drive) from Boscastle and provides the ideal rural retreat for ramblers and families any time of year.

For full details of the Boscastle Walking week, visit http://www.boscastlefestival.co.uk/walkdetails