Early Spring Meadowview Cottage Luxury Cottage Cornwall

Early Spring Meadowview cottage! have we had a winter yet because here in North Cornwall we have had no signs of it. Very mild weather is great when you are a landowner and can make a start to prepare for the winter months and that’s where my Early Spring Meadowview Cottage starts. It all began at the end of November when working in our fields preparing for the winter, checking fencing, hedges and making sure the waterways where clean of debris, that’s when we saw it and this is no word of a lie Frogspawn!. Their little tails wiggling around oblivious to know they were actually a little early.Most tadpoles hatch from eggs in May/ June develop over the summer, and metamorphose into subadults and emerge from the streams in September. So I have come to the conclusion they are Cornish tadpoles as they are coming out Dreckly!!.

December came and went and it was the warmest one we have had in North Cornwall, think Tadpoles warm Tiz !!!.  now only two weeks in January we could not believe it, get ready! Cherry Blossom and Snowdrops out the same time it does look ansome! but “taint right and taint proper”!

Early Spring Meadowview Cottage Luxury Cottage Cornwall

We have noticed its a Early Spring Meadowview Cottage not just with the Frogspawn, Cherry Blossom and Snowdrops but also with the plants in our two Private gardens.

We have an amazing bird feeding station here at Meadowview Cottage and many variety of birds frequent the seven bird feeders we have filled up for them daily. Peanuts, Wild bird seed, Niger seed, Sunflower hearts are enjoyed by so many birds. Some of our previous guests staying at Meadowview have been avid bird watchers and have enjoyed watching the Woodpeckers, Blue Tit, Green Tit, Wagtails, Jenny Wren, Jay, Doves, Green finches, Starlings and my favourite the Robin.Who doesn’t love Robins? Thank you for taking the time to read my Blog . Debbie.

We even have a bespoke bird feeding station at our luxury holiday cottage Cornwall

Bespoke bird feeding station at our luxury holiday cottage Cornwall