5 star Cottages Cornwall with a Private Sauna

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Not all 5 star cottages Cornwall are equal

5 star Cottages Cornwall , here at Meadowview we strive to keep a 5 star Visit England rating for our luxury holiday accommodation, and our cottage must ‘tick all the boxes’ everytime. To win a 5 star GOLD certificate is acknowledgement that our cottage is elevated above other 5 star cottages Cornwall due to additional factors that make Meadowview Cottage an outstanding luxury holiday cottage.

One of the unique features of our 5 star Cottages Cornwall luxury cottage accommodation is the setting of a Scandinavian log cabin within the tropical style garden which houses a sauna, gym equipment and a shower for your exclusive use. Level access to the log cabin means the sauna can be enjoyed by all generations of your family.

Meadowview Cottage is also proud to hold a 100% Cleanliness award, which places our 5 star Cottages Cornwall luxury holiday cottage in the top 5% cleanest holiday homes in the UK. With this high cleaning specification you can be assured that the sauna is sparkling clean when you come to use it.

Please ensure before using the Sauna that you do not have any predisposing medical conditions or are taking any medication that may make a sauna experience unpleasant or even unsafe. Please do not use the sauna after or during drinking alcohol, nor during a hangover. Use of the sauna is at your own risk.

Otherwise, using a sauna has been claimed to temporarily relieve symptoms of a common cold and can help relax muscles after a physically strenuous or emotionally stressful day.  Generally, taking a sauna is a very therapeutic experience and is best followed by a cool shower. We have installed a dedicated shower in the log cabin specifically for this purpose. Using the shower during and after taking a sauna provides a more pleasurable and therapeutic experience.

If you should have any questions concerning the use of the sauna, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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